Solo Session - Will K. by Stephanie Gasparich

Whenever I see job requests for dating app photos, I pounce on them because I did the whole online dating thing many moons ago. I think it's SO important to have photographs that show your best self. Professional photos are the way to go, people! Will is wise beyond his years for knowing this. 

He and I had a fun time getting to know each other while chatting back and forth as we waited for the weather to get a little warmer for our outdoor session. This guy is a catch! He's a PhD student at Northwestern, and he's a great conversationalist. I was super impressed when he explained his research to me in terms this science-dummy could understand. Oh, and no biggie--he looks like a J.Crew model. This smarty pants is going to print and send some of these to his parents in New York. On the count of three... 1, 2, 3... "Awwwwwww!" 

Thanks for a fun session, Will, and best of luck to you out in that crazy world of dating!